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Apparel Software

SAP Business One – Fashion One

Apparel Software Gives You The Power To Stay Ahead of Trends

In today’s competitive apparel industry, companies need high level management of their business in real time to keep up with design and production cycle times that are decreasing while the demands of customers and retailers are increasing. In order to stay ahead of trends, with this kind of market and aggressive competition, apparel companies need to be able to effectively and successfully manage their inventory, allocations and delivery times with confidence.

SAP® Business One – Fashion One was specifically designed for those in the apparel manufacturing, distribution and import business.

SAP® Business One – Fashion One will manage finished and raw material inventory, cut tickets, allocations, open-to-sell, accounts payables & receivables, financials, UPC codes, EDI, eCommerce and much more. If your company is in the apparel, footwear or sewn products industry, SAP® Business One – Fashion One will provide complete integrated management of your business from one of the world’s leading software companies, SAP.

Run Like Never Before

Small and midsize apparel businesses can get SAP ERP solutions up and running as fast as your business needs. We use concise methodology and planning that minimizes interruptions and keeps your team focused on business.

Rapid Deployment Solutions

Meeting your core business objectives and keeping IT projects on time and within budget are getting more important these days. Achieving these goals requires predictable costs and results and a short time to business value. When implementing Rapid Deployment solutions, Softengine uses content and expertise derived from actual apparel customer implementations – referred to as best practices. These best practices help you quickly enhance your business processes and meet industry standards.

eCommerce: Make Sure It’s Integrated

Softengine delivers the superior ERP business management system, SAP Business One, integrated with an Enterprise Magento online store that is search engine optimized for a greater retail presence on the Internet.

The right online ordering solution ensures two-way, real-time integration with your back-end SAP Business One ERP system so that you maintain full control over your order fulfillment and inventory management. In addition, this system should make the customer shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible, with instant e-mail confirmation, timely shipping notification and access to their account information, when needed.

B2C & B2B Functionality

Enhance your company efficiency by providing Internet-based, eCommerce ordering functions. Sales order transactions placed by “wholesale” customers over the Internet are entered securely in real-time into SAP Business One System using predefined pricing rules and current terms of payment. In addition, the eCommerce system offers the flexibility to your sales people and outside reps to place sales orders for their own customers directly into SAP Business One and check the status on their transactions.

Customer Satisfaction via Self-Service

Your customers can check order status, and view up-to-the-minute account information such as outstanding invoices. The integrated eCommerce into your SAP Business One system will help you deliver superior customer service and significantly reduce your administrative and sales support expenses.

Thank You Softengine! eCommerce is very impressive! Our customers are very happy with our new website and are very excited.
Lisa Tran, COO,

Mobility: Tradeshow & POS Enabled

SAP Mobility enables Orders to be placed from web enabled devices, including the iPad and iPhone. View available inventory, manage clients from any marketing event, world-wide and sell from your showroom or retail locations.


EDI-Integrated Connector for SAP Business One is a fully integrated import/export module designed to exchange EDI, as well as other file formats (XML, flat files, csv, etc.) directly to and from SAP Business One, eliminating all need for manual intervention. The EDI-Integrated Connector also comes equipped with validation, automation, and reporting functions that have been designed with the user in mind. Some of the electronic documents managed by EDI-Integrated Connector:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Advance Shipping Notices
  • Order Modifications /Confirmations
  • Payment Advices
  • Electronic Catalogs