Medical Device Reprocessor Enjoys Clear Visibility with Cloud-based SAP Business One Solution

ReNu MedicalReNu Medical, Inc. ( is an environmentally safe and sustainable medical device reprocessor, delivering the most sustainable, cost-saving, environmentally beneficial “green” reprocessing programs to hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide, while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards. ReNu Medical’s ecologically friendly processes save nearly 250,000 pounds of non-critical medical devices from U.S. landfills every year. The company’s level of compliance with the FDA is unparalleled, passing a Quality System inspection with absolutely zero deficiencies in their most recent inspection in December 2014.

The Challenge

It’s Hard to be “Green” in a Sea of Paper
ReNu Medical sets the standard for “green,” utilizing only the most environmentally responsible methods for reprocessing medical devices. However, for many years, one facet of the company’s operations challenged their unwavering commitment to this approach – different business applications were not integrated, causing staff to rely on manual, paper-based output for reporting and FDA compliance. According to Amy Long, one of ReNu Medical’s Directors, “The amount of paper we were using to run our business was inefficient, wasteful and not in sync with our commitment to running a green business.”

ReNu Medical employed a combination of three different disconnected systems – one application for accounting, one for operations and one for customer service and sales. The lack of integration between these three applications made it very challenging to maintain data, generate custom reports and meet its customers’ demands for analytics. “The old system was inefficient in that it was slow in handling the 70 million (and growing) transactions required to operate,” said Long.


A Match Made in Cloud Heaven – Softengine, ReNu Medical and Hosted SAP Business One Form an Unbeatable Team
One critical requirement of the new solution was that it be “cloud”-based. “With the astronomical number of data points we have to control, the last thing we wanted to worry about was the risk of server crashes or data corruption issues due to any failures of an on-premises solution,” said Long. “We also didn’t want the expense of additional IT personnel to support the system.”

A key selling point was Softengine’s experience and comfort level with SAP Business One Hosted. This “cloud”-based solution greatly reduces IT expenses and virtually eliminates the risk of a catastrophic database failure, while providing safety and security through a hosted state-of-the-art datacenter.

The complete SAP Business One Hosted solution for ReNu Medical provided total ERP and accounting capabilities – all combined into one unified platform, plus a number of Softengine SAP Business One extensions, including WMSm Warehouse Management System mobile, Production System and UPS/FedEx/USPS Shipping Integration.

A key piece of the new configuration was Softengine’s Warehouse Management System mobile (WMSm) extension, which augmented the core functionality of SAP Business One to help ReNu Medical meet all the production reporting and documentation requirements for the FDA. Specifically, WMSm enabled ReNu Medical to capture new QA data points at each production step, which eliminated the lengthy paper trail generated in the past.


Green is the Color of Success. Sales are Way Up and Paper is Way Down.
ReNu Medical is riding the crest of a growth wave and the new SAP Business One Hosted solution is growing and adapting right along with them. As a company determined to stay true to its mission as an environmentally responsible enterprise, the virtual elimination of paper once used for documentation has delighted Amy Long and her associates.

“With SAP Business One and Softengine’s extensions, we now have further visibility into our entire process from beginning to end,” claimed Long. “We recently completed two consecutive record-breaking months in terms of sales and devices processed. In addition, the ability to access production information on-demand has been incredibly helpful in responding to customers.”

Amy Long is no less effusive in her praise of Softengine’s can-do attitude and perseverance in shepherding the design and implementation to a successful conclusion. “Softengine did everything it took to get the job done, which involved a number of tweaks to the system to meet all production and regulatory requirements. The spirit of collaboration that existed between our two teams was and continues to be an exquisite non-tangible asset that money cannot buy.”


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