Spotlight on Softengine’s Employee, David Glickman, and his Humanitarian Mission

The International Humanitarian Service Trip to Guatemala (June 2016) Softengine Supports Mission and Its Customers Contribute to the Cause. Softengine ( customer service manager David Glickman is a man on a mission. In addition to […]

“Big Data”, Business Intelligence (BI) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Big Data can be defined as high Volume and Variety of data that can be brought together and analyzed at high Velocity to discover patterns and make better decisions. These three V’s combine and exhibit exponential growth of data at this time.

No More Paper. No More Headaches. SAP Business One and Softengine Resolve Persistent Inventory and Production Issues for Easy Foods Inc.

SAP Business One and Softengine Extensions Help BED|STÜ Grow 20% without Adding Staff

New “Omnichannel” Strategy Unites eCommerce and “Brick and Mortar” Store on One Integrated Platform. Inspired by the resilient streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, New York, BED|STÜ started selling its line of footwear and accessories in a small Los […]

Worldpay® - End-to-End Payments Secure Platform at Most Cost-Effective Rates

Choose Worldpay as your payments processor and you can accept payments the way your customers prefer to pay. It is brought to market through their partners, i.e., Softengine, with most competitive rates.

Firefly Soars into the Future with SAP Business One and Softengine Extensions

Founded in 2000, Los Angeles-based Firefly Home Collection ( is a highly acclaimed designer and manufacturer of decorative accessories and home furnishings, including tabletop, wall decor, storage, garden, furniture and […]

SAP Business One 9.2 Release Highlights

SAP Business One 9.2, is the third major release of Release Family 9. With the 9.2 release, SAP continues to demonstrate its commitment to addressing specific product needs requested by small and mid-size enterprise (SME) businesses. SAP has […]

Omnichannel: The current “buzzword” - What is it?

Omnichannel is a hot topic that’s getting a lot of attention. At first, the retail business comes to mind. Yet, omnichannel is not just for retailers. It is a business strategy to connect with prospects, customers, suppliers, employees, investors, […]

Problem Solvers – Softengine Expertly Configures SAP Business One to Resolve Inventory Management Issues for P3 International

Founded in 1986, New York City-based P3 International ( is a privately owned manufacturer of solution-oriented electronics targeted to environmentally conscious and technologically minded consumers. The company’s Kill A Watt™ […]

SAP Business One – The Tip of the Week; Ari Schapira, Director Product Management at SAP

SAP Business One – The Tip of the Week