Rough Country Runs at Full Throttle with SAP Business One and Softengine’s Extensions

Rough CountryRough Country (originally known as Heckethorn Products, Inc.), was founded in 1986 by Patrick and Michael Heckethorn in Dyersburg, Tennessee. While initially focusing on manufacturing steering stabilizers, management expanded its product portfolio in 1992, acquiring the suspension system inventory and intellectual property of Rough Country, a California-based, branded off-road products manufacturer. Over the last 15 years, Rough Country has greatly expanded its suspension system product offerings, and its consistent growth has catapulted the company into an industry leader. Rough Country offers best-in-class service and value to its enthusiast client base, with offers that include 100% same-day shipping, 90-day satisfaction guarantees and a limited lifetime replacement warranty.

The Challenge

When companies experience rapid growth, the inevitable question arises as to whether or not their business systems are adequate to handle the increased workload that growth entails. All too often, non-integrated inventory management and accounting programs designed for small businesses strain to keep pace as sales take off, struggling to process the rising number of daily transactions and work orders and to report on the growing volume of historic transactional data.

Such was the reality for Rough Country as sales grew by leaps and bounds and the company’s existing business software couldn’t handle the increasing accounting, inventory management and reporting demands.

The Solution

Priorities for the new system included: 1) inventory, production and shipping management from multiple warehouses, 2) all operational and financial software needs integrated under one platform, 3) fully automated customer fulfillment and communications that would make the customer ordering experience as fast and reliable as leading e-commerce platforms and 4) the ability to automatically import online orders from the company’s Magento-based site and third-party marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

The following is a snapshot of a few of the key system add-ons and how they interact with SAP Business One:

Magento eCommerce Connector

Magento enables Rough Country’s retail (consumers) and wholesale (resellers) customers to buy suspension kits and parts directly off their website.

Solid Commerce Marketplace Connector

Solid Commerce’s online marketplace solution facilitates transactions of products for sale on eBay and Amazon.

Softengine Mailer One Extension for SAP Business One

With Mailer One, Rough Country staff can create templates for email messages that are sent to customers on a pre-scheduled basis. Some of the more common notifications include order status, shipping confirmations, invoices, credit limits, past-due notices and statements.

In addition to the aforementioned add-on programs, Softengine integrated other SAP Business One extensions into the system, including:

  • Softengine eCommerce Connector
  • Softengine UPS/FedEx/USPS Shipping Connector
  • Softengine Production System for bills of materials
  • Softengine Credit Card Integration Connector that enables Rough Country to charge its customers’ credit cards directly from SAP Business One
  • Boyum Usability Package for SAP Business One, which enables auto-packing of items in packages

Practice Makes Perfect – In-house Training and SAP eLearning Curriculum Gets Management and Staff Up to Speed

The training regimen included SAP Business One’s online eLearning modules. Enochs also trained his staff to run a series of tests on the system to simulate appropriate actions to take when responding to a wide variety of business scenarios.

The Results

[quote]SAP Business One and the suite of add-on products have combined to help our business run at peak performance and boost our customer service to the highest level ever. Our reporting is timelier and more accurate, our business processes are totally integrated and we’re confident that this system will grow with us for a long time to come. ~ Chad Enochs, IT Manager and Marketing Director[/quote]

Enochs is also quite bullish on the contributions that Softengine made to the success of its new and improved ERP solution. “We really enjoyed working with Softengine and think they did a great job on the implementation of the new system. We can be very demanding in terms of knowing what we want and expecting our technology partner to deliver. Since we are already quite self-sufficient on the technological side, we most needed Softengine to design and execute the rather complex integration and perform all the customizations we desired to make this implementation as powerful, efficient and flexible as it could be. Moreover, if we discovered something that needed to be added or changed in the system, the Softengine technical team would listen very carefully and execute the game plan quickly and according to our specifications. I would rate the combination of SAP Business One and Softengine as an unqualified success.”