SAP Business One 9.1 Release Highlights

SAP Business One 9.1SAP Business One 9.1, is the second major release of Release Family 9. With the 9.1 release, SAP continues to demonstrate its commitment to addressing specific product needs requested by small and mid-size enterprise (SME) businesses. SAP has continued to invest in extending the core functionality of SAP Business One across a number of different business logic, reporting and analytics functions.
SAP Business One 9.1 Release Highlights

The following describes major functional enhancements and modifications implemented in SAP Business One 9.1.

New and enhanced business logic and localization

  • Enhanced production module (resources and BoM enhancements)
  • Inventory item cost valuation based on serial or batch number
  • Display balances for goods receipt POs and purchase orders in BP master data
  • Enablement of negative payments in payment wizard
  • Multiple branches function splits transactions by business unit
  • Project enhancements (initially for Russia)
  • Rounded-off functions (G/L account determination, Multiple Unit of Measurement, Price Lists, Bin Location, Pick and Pack, and more)
  • Fixed assets enhancements
  • Extended tax reporting
  • Bank Statement processing for additional localizations
  • Localization enhancements and legal compliance
  • Default values

Reporting and analytics

  • SAP Crystal Reports 2013
  • Supports MS Windows 8/Windows Server 2012
  • Streamlined report design
  • Improvements to data sources
  • Mobile and viewer support


  • Additional DI/UI objects and services
  • Enhanced lifecycle management for extensions
  • SAP Business One studio and workflow enhancements

Infrastructure and architecture

  • Permission group authorizations
  • Performance improvements
  • Security enhancements
  • Hiding business functions
  • Configurable UI framework
  • Copy and paste between SAP Business One grids and MS Excel
  • Simplified e-mail and printing process

Lifecycle management and support

  • The Remote Support Platform (RSP) support available for SAP Business One on both the SAP HANA database and on Microsoft SQL Server

Upgrade Path

Upgrading to 9.1 and staying on maintenance provides you access to the latest patches, support packs and new versions, as well as to legal compliancy updates and improved support for legal compliancy, and more. Our “hosted” customers will be upgraded when the version becomes available for General Distribution. Our “on-premise” customers can request to be nominated for “ramp-up” availability. A Fast and Well-tested Upgrade Process can often be completed in about a week, including training on the new features. The SAP/Softengine Upgrade Process provides our clients with a standard and documented upgrade methodology. Upgrade Phases:

  • Upgrade Preparation
  • Technical Upgrade Process
  • Testing, Troubleshooting and Training
  • Go-Live with SAP Business One 9.1
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