SAP Business One 9.2 Release Highlights

SAP Business One 9.2 Release HighlightsSAP Business One 9.2, is the third major release of Release Family 9. With the 9.2 release, SAP continues to demonstrate its commitment to addressing specific product needs requested by small and mid-size enterprise (SME) businesses. SAP has continued to invest in extending the core functionality of SAP Business One across a number of different business logic, reporting and analytics functions.

The following describes major functional enhancements and modifications implemented in SAP Business One 9.2.


  • Import from Excel (Price Lists, Business Partner Catalog Numbers)
  • Logon
  • Approval Procedures
  • Alternative Keyboard Usage
  • New Data Ownership (Business Partners)


  • Fixed Assets (Virtual Asset Concept)
  • Accounting Enhancements According to IFRS
  • Inventory Posting & Opening Balances
  • Posting Schemas for Manufacturing
  • Business Partner Opening Balances
  • Checks for Payment Authorization
  • Third-Party Checks

Sales and Purchasing

  • Campaign Management Updates
  • Re-Open Sales / Purchase Orders
  • Extended Service Module

Project Management

  • Combines both financial and project management data in one solution.


  • Price Update Wizard
  • Pick & Pack Updates
  • Item Cost
  • UoM Restriction for Bin Locations
  • Stock Counting PrintPreview
  • Extension of Field Lengths
    • Item No. - 20 characters to 50 characters
    • Business Partner Catalog No. - 20 characters to 50 characters
    • Resource No. - 20 characters to 50 characters
    • User Code - 8 characters to 25 characters

MRP and Production

  • MRP Wizard
  • Forecasts
  • Production Updates


  • Support of Vendors in Service Module

User-Defined Tables (UDT) and User-Defined Fields (UDF)

  • Extension of Field Lengths
    • UDF (metadata level): Title - 18 characters to 50 characters, Description - 30 to 80 characters
    • UDT (DB schema level): Code - 30 characters to 50 characters, Name - 30 to 100 characters

Upgrade Path

Upgrading to 9.2 and staying on maintenance provides you access to the latest patches, support packs and new versions, as well as to legal compliancy updates and improved support for legal compliancy, and more. Our “hosted” customers will be upgraded when the version becomes available for General Distribution. Our “on-premise” customers can request to be nominated for “ramp-up” availability. A Fast and Well-tested Upgrade Process can often be completed in about a week, including training on the new features. The SAP/Softengine Upgrade Process provides our clients with a standard and documented upgrade methodology. Upgrade Phases:

  • Upgrade Preparation
  • Technical Upgrade Process
  • Testing, Troubleshooting and Training
  • Go-Live with SAP Business One 9.2

For more information about upgrading to SAP Business One 9.2, please contact Barry Lederman: 818.704.7000, .

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