SAP Business One E-Learning

SAP Business One E-LearningImplementing new software tools and business processes can be challenging for any organization. Successful adoption and the benefits that result require that you invest time in deployment and education.

SAP and Softengine can help smooth and speed SAP Business One implementation and adoption with comprehensive training that includes task-based e-learning courses. These courses demonstrate how features of SAP Business One relate to common, relevant business tasks, and help users learn SAP Business One based on relevant functional areas.
The SAP Business One Product Training contains over twenty E-Learning sessions. These E-Learning sessions are focused on business processes with presentations and demonstrations in SAP Business.

Furthermore, the Learning Map includes download links to the training exercises for you to practice on any OEC demo database.

As a SAP Business One user, you can choose to learn about any one of eight different functional areas of SAP Business One:

  • Banking
  • Master data
  • Manufacturing resource planning (MRP)
  • Production
  • Purchasing and accounts payable (A/P)
  • Sales and accounts receivable (A/R)
  • Service

Practice Makes Perfect – In-house Training and SAP E-Learning Curriculum Gets Rough Country Management and Staff Up to Speed

A key to the success of the rollout was Rough Country’s commitment to training and intensive practice prior to going live. Led by Chad Enochs, Rough Country required department managers throughout the entire company to attain a high level of understanding of all the core functions in the system that apply to their department. To accomplish this, an internal SAP team was established to oversee hands-on training for each department. The training regimen included SAP Business One’s online E-Learning modules, which cover every area of the product, such as sales, purchasing, banking, MRP, inventory production and reporting. Enochs also trained his staff to run a series of tests on the system to simulate appropriate actions to take when responding to a wide variety of business scenarios. “We trained managers to the point that they could perform the essential functions that comprise 80% of their time. We called in Softengine to provide additional training for the other 20% – the more robust features and capabilities that each department needs to address specialized situations.”

Once you become a customer, we will provide you with the E-Learning access as the first step to the implementation project. Consider it as a pre-requisite to the onsite workshop, classroom and one-on-one training that are all part of a successful implementation.

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