SAP Business One - Fashion One

SAP Business One - Fashion One

ERP Apparel & Footwear Software Replaces Legacy Systems

Most of the clothing and footwear available in the United States comes from other countries and is distributed by U.S.-based companies. These U.S. companies are tasked with managing the distribution of such merchandise across the entire nation, which can be a challenging feat. The task can be easier with the help of ERP apparel software. SAP Gold Partner Softengine provides Fashion One software for this very purpose. Targeted at small to medium-sized businesses, Fashion One is an extension of the SAP Business One ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

A large majority of clothing and footwear distributors have outdated legacy computer systems that can’t keep up with the demands of e-commerce. The systems weren’t designed for real-time sales and inventory checks. Upgrading to a modern apparel software system, however, can keep your company on the cutting edge of the fashion industry. Softengine’s Fashion One provides visibility into the various departments of a company in real time, helping you to alleviate inefficiencies, improve business, and reduce costs.

Fashion One includes dashboards in which you can effortlessly check inventory and track sales and shipments at a glance. In addition, the program includes scenario templates you can use to integrate all of your company’s stores or departments into a single system. This makes tracking inventory and sales even easier with real-time “available-to-sell” visibility.

The software includes features for budgeting, accounting, banking, and financial reporting, as well as purchasing, sales and delivery, production planning, and inventory management. Because the software is an extension of SAP Business One, it is fully integrated with customer relationship management capabilities, including customer service and support, sales management, EDI, POS, and business partner management.

E-commerce capabilities are critical to maintaining a successful clothing store or distribution center in today’s Internet age. These are integral components in the Fashion One software solution. The e-commerce features are a result of the software’s integration with Softengine’s Ecommerce application. These features provide opportunities for your organization to cross-sell and to promote your apparel selections over the Internet. This is possible by taking advantage of the e-commerce functions to spotlight sale items and seasonal offerings on your customized website.

SAP Business One - Fashion ERP has an integrated CRM capability. The combination of these two applications lets you track events, emails, tasks, and contacts as one system. In addition, Fashion One is accessible from any location in which you have Internet access. This allows you to maintain a 24/7 business even when business takes you away from the office.

Features include: Matrix Order Entry (Style, Color and Size), Automated SKU and UPC generation, Landed Cost (after-the-fact calculation), Warehouse Management System with Barcode Scanning.
The ability to access Fashion One from any location is extremely advantageous when your company is represented at a tradeshow. This remote accessibility means your company can provide quotes and take orders from mobility devices like iPad and iPhone while on site at a tradeshow. You have full functionality of the software from any Internet-based location.

The software is available in two pricing models: on premises and hosted. The on-premises solution requires that the customer have the appropriate technology infrastructure—including support—in place. This option is available for businesses at locations with insufficient internet access. Companies opting for the hosted solution pay less upfront, and pay a predictable and all-inclusive monthly fee. Softengine supplies the infrastructure and support in a SAP-certified data center for this model in a software-as-a-service offering.

Softengine’s Fashion One apparel and footwear software can bring your company up to date in the apparel industry, helping you to stay competitive in the marketplace. With two pricing models available, it is a viable solution your company can’t afford to ignore.