SAP Business One – Food One

Fully Configurable Solution Tackles Unique Challenges of the Food & Beverage Industry

Food Software - SAP Business One - Food OneIf you own a food and beverage based business you’re well aware of the multitude of daily challenges. Food safety, regulatory compliance, product recalls and the list goes on… At Softengine we have developed a robust and highly configurable SAP software extension, SAP Business One – Food One, that delivers unbeatable inventory control, warehouse management, lot traceability, recall functionality and so much more. It provides the real time tools and overview you need to operate your food and beverage business efficiently and successfully.

What Happens When the FDA Requires a Recall?

No food and beverage business wants to face a recall of their products. It costs time, money, damage to the brand and there are potential liability issues if consumers have been sickened by the product. But as a responsible food and beverage business operator you need to have a contingency plan in place if this ever happens.

Softengine’s SAP Business One - Food One includes a unique Multi-Level Trace function that traces every step of the food processing cycle backwards, from the shipping documents received by the business owner, to the initial purchase order sent to the vendor. The source of every ingredient can be identified and the processing treatments they have undergone, maintaining full compliance with FDA requirements. SAP Business One - Food One’s tools enable food and beverage businesses to conduct swift and accurate recalls should the event ever be necessary.

Flexible Commission and Rebate Management

Your field sales staff are pounding the streets and knocking on doors on a mission to sell your products. They need to get compensated for their hard work and the standard policy is to pay them a commission. SAP Business One - Food One’s flexible commission management enables you to pay your salesperson either on a percentage of the sale price or a fixed dollar amount by the case/pound.

Similar options apply to customer rebates that can be taken either at time of sale as a discount off the price or apply it as a credit against a future purchase.

SAP Business One – Food One Additional Features

  • Fully Automated, Real-Time Inventory Control System
  • Catch Weights
  • Comprehensive Warehouse Management with Mobility
  • Superior Lot Control Functionality
  • Workflow, Alert & Approval Monitor
  • Raw Materials Management
  • Hazardous Material Handling
  • Regulatory Approval & Tracking
  • And More...

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SAP Business One – Food One in Operation – Castle Importing Inc.

Castle Importing, Inc. is an Italian family business with roots in the cheese industry dating back more than half a century. Rosangelo Borruso, Vice President, in 2011 was seeking a software option to streamline the company’s business processes. Here’s what she had to say about Softengine’s SAP Business One – Food One:

“Now that we have been live with SAP Business One – Food One for some time, our ability to track everything in our complex production processes down to the smallest detail has saved us so much time and money! From the initial purchase order to production to invoicing and shipping, this solution pulls everything together. Plus, our financial information is always up to date and accessible in real time, so we never have to wait for nightly or weekly postings. In fact, this solution is so powerful; we have barely scratched the surface on all of its capabilities.”

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