SAP Lumira Analytics - Fast and Engaging Analysis Made Simple

SAP Lumira AnalyticsSAP Lumira Analytics solution for SAP Business One can help you unleash the power of collective insight by delivering enterprise business intelligence, agile visualization, and advanced predictive analytics to all users.

Your Brain is Wired for Visuals

  • 65% of information is remembered by people 72 hours after exposure when a picture is added
  • 30% of the cortex is devoted to neurons processing visuals
  • It takes only 150ms for the human visual system to process a complex natural image
  • As a result, business insights, complex facts in a visual format can be faster recognized

What is SAP Lumira?

Lumira is an analysis tool for exploring business data in a visual way. Lumira is for business analysts, power business users who want to do more complex analysis of their data. With SAP Lumira, you Increase understanding and use of your data, discover hidden patterns in information, and make better business decisions.

  • Quickly build stunning visualizations with just a few clicks.
  • Visualize large volumes of data without having to sacrifice performance, security, or scale.
  • Maximize data knowledge and drive immediate outcomes across the enterprise.

Connect to Your Data – Big or Small

With SAP Lumira, you can acquire, manipulate, and visualize any data source. You can combine multiple data sets in the same view or leverage your BI platform for trust and scale. Maximize data knowledge and get most up-to-date information without help from IT.

Let the Data Tell Your Story

Visualize any amount of data in real time in a few simple steps. With a fluid drag and drop interface, users can quickly create stunning visualizations and discover hidden insights. Explore the possibilities of data by building storyboards and infographics with just a few clicks and become a storyteller.

Extend the Power of Data

Share insights across the entire organization by publishing data sets and visualizations in the cloud. Explore business information and discover hidden insights on the go in a secure environment. Extend the power of data and make better business decisions.

Lumira Has your Business Covered

SAP Lumira allows you to easily convey and share knowledge. Go beyond standard reports and see how Lumira analytics can benefit these business situations:

  • Sales Quota & Commissions
    Equipped with Lumira’s drill down and merge capabilities, sales team managers can adjust lead allocations and sales efforts based on real time staff commission and quota trends and review with shareable dashboards.
  • Sales Team Performance
    With a need to quickly identify focus areas in their sales organization, sales executives can highlight trends in opportunities, leads and deals as KPIs in a consolidated dashboard.

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