Tivoli Audio - Business One is Sweet Music for the Original Radio Company

The Challenges

Tivoli AudioFor years, Tivoli Audio LLC, a supplier of top-quality audio products, had relied on an entry-level accounting system to run its business. However, as sales spiked via its network of consumer electronics distribution outlets, the company realized that a more robust ERP system would be required to effectively support all the key components of their business – inventory management, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. Moreover, Tivoli’s decision to move into direct retail necessitated a fully integrated retail/point of sale extension to ensure a smooth customer shopping and purchasing experience.

[quote]The Softengine Retail/POS extension is inherently tightly integrated with SAP Business One. We expanded into retailing without having to redo anything, one reason for our outlets’ exciting success. ~ David Rodriguez, VP of sales, Tivoli Audio, LLC[/quote]

The Solution

After determining that SAP Business One was the ideal ERP solution, Tivoli learned that its implementation partner, Softengine, offered a Retail/POS extension that was a perfect complement to the SAP solution. Softengine performed a masterful implementation of the new system, including custom modifications requested by Tivoli management. Since Softengine’s Retail/POS Extension is designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP Business One, Tivoli didn’t have to incur any additional integration costs.

The Results...


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