What is SAP Business One and Why We Love It

As one of the leading SAP Business One Partners in the country we often get asked ‘What is SAP Business One?’

This question usually comes up from business leaders that are looking for new business software, generally ERP, to replace their existing accounting software.  

And when people think of ERP software, they think of SAP.

The downside to this line of thinking is that people usually assume SAP is designed only for large companies, like those included in the Fortune 500.

What most folks don't know is that over 70% of SAP's customer base is comprised of small businesses! 

And many of these companies are running SAP Business One.

In this article we cover the following topics:

  • SAP Business One History
  • SAP Business One Product Overview
  • Benefits of using SAP Business One
  • Pricing Info
  • Implementation Info
  • Customer Reviews
  • Screenshots
  • Competitive Analysis
  • And more...
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What is SAP?

Before we get to, “What is SAP Business One?”, let’s provide a brief backgrounder on SAP for a quick minute.

SAP is the world leader in business software. The company was founded in Germany in 1972 but has since expanded to 180 countries with regional offices all over the world. Today, most of its products and services are based around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and improving the way businesses manage their processes.

What is SAP Business One?

In a nutshell, SAP Business One is business management software, referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises that aims to automate and integrate key business functions in financials, operations, and human resources.

Its functions extend to most departments within an organization, including sales, financials, inventory management, vendor management, customer relationship management, project management, planning/budgeting, and financial reporting.

Benefits of using SAP Business One:

Real-Time Enterprise-Wide Search

Data at your fingertips, in an instant. Just key in any invoice or transaction number and you’ll get a result in seconds—along with the other data points related to it. That way, you don’t miss a beat when checking for inventory and pulling up customer information.

Increase & Protect Your Bottom Line

Manage your data with ease. SAP Business One will help you reduce redundancies, errors and delays. SAP Business One brings a fully unified suite of applications together to optimize business process and help you manage risks.  

Industry-Specific Solutions

Industry specific solutions-made for your business. SAP has been in the ERP game far longer than anyone else. Through the years, they’ve identified industry-specific needs and partnered with experts in various fields to build solutions for dozens (possibly hundreds) of use-cases—you’ll have the immediate advantage of using tried and tested solutions for your particular industry.  

Reduces Cost & Complexity

Apple pioneered the concept of taking something powerful and complex and making it super easy to use for the masses.  SAP Business One is similar, there's incredible power under the hood but SAP has designed the software to be end user friendly allowing users to go live on the system in short order.  

Advanced Analytics

SAP Business One gives you powerful integrated reporting and analytics tools that allow you to make sense of different areas of your business including: sales, inventory, production, vendor management, customer service, and operations. Not only that, SAP’s library of reports and dashboards will save you the time and expense of building your own templates from scratch.

SAP Business One Product Overview:

SAP Business One is designed to handle five (5) key business areas: finance and accounting, sales and customer management, purchase and inventory, production planning, and business intelligence.

We’ll go through each briefly.

Finance and Accounting

All your financial matters, simplified. Monitoring your money is key to business success—a healthy business knows where money is coming from, where it’s headed, and how much is left. The SAP Business One Module for Finance and Accounting helps you:

  • Manage and track cash flow, assets, and budgets
  • Conduct business audits and planning using insights and data
  • Oversee and monitor multiple business units and departments.
  • Speed up bank statements, payments, and reconciliations

Sales and Customer Management

Boost sales and delight your customers. In this day and age, customers look for companies that understand their needs and concerns. The SAP Business One Module for Sales and Customer Management helps you:

  • Handle customer data with ease and simplicity
  • Monitor marketing and sales campaigns in real-time
  • Use data for smart campaigns and predictive marketing
  • Track the customer journey from start to finish

Purchase and Inventory Control

Manage your operations efficiently. Having a complete view of your order-to-pay cycle is a must if you want to deliver to your customers on time. The SAP Business One Module for Purchase and Inventory Control helps you:

  • Oversee the procurement process from start to finish
  • Manage purchase schedules and payables
  • View inventory reports using real-time data
  • Synchronise warehouse and accounting data

Production Planning

Improve transparency for control and distribution. The most successful businesses plan ahead. The SAP Business One Module for Production Planning helps you:

  • Generate real-time production reports
  • Track stock locations and transfers
  • Use data to inform production planning
  • Optimize distribution and inventory management

Business Intelligence

Use data-to drive your business outcomes. Businesses that know how to use their data outdo their competitors. The SAP Business One Module for Business Intelligence helps you:

  • Leverage business data for better insights
  • Build customized data dashboards and reports
  • Consolidate and analyze disparate business data
  • Perform advanced analytics to predict business outcomes


SAP Business One pricing Information:

SAP Business One is licensed exclusively through authorized Business One partners, also referred to as Value Added Resellers (VARs). VAR's help potential clients evaluate SAP Business One software options, propose solutions and ultimate helps you license the ERP software.  SAP Business One can be subscribed to and hosted via a VAR/hosting partner for clients that are looking to preserve capital and desire a monthly payment or you can license SAP Business One perpetually by paying a one-time fee per user (+ annual maintenance) to get access to the software indefinitely. 

For more information on SAP Business One Pricing & Cost continue reading.

SAP Business One Perpetual License
Includes the following features:
•Sales orders
•Item management
•Service Resource Planning

Perpetual  Professional License: $3,213 each user
Perpetual  Limited License: $1,666 each user

SAP Business One Subscription License 
SAP Business One includes the following features:
•Sales orders
•Item management
•Service Resource Planning
*Does not include hosting fees.  

Subscription Professional License: $94  per user / per month
Subscription Limited License: $54 per user / per month

SAP Business One Starter Package
The SAP Business One Starter Package includes the following features:
•Sales orders
•Item management
*Does not include service or manufacturing. 
*For companies with less than 5 users

SAP Business One Starter Package (Perpetual): $1,357 per user
SAP Business One Starter Package (Subscription): $39 per user per month.

SAP Business One Implementation Cost:

SAP Business One implementation cost will vary depending upon deployment type, industry and other variables.

For example, the modules you choose to deploy & configure, the number of users you need to license & train, the number of legal entities & locations and the type of support you desire to have after go-live.  

Additionally, its not uncommon for clients to want to integrate SAP Business One with their existing departmental applications. Examples of this could include CRM, Marketing Automation, 3PL, Ecommerce sites and more.  These types of system integration projects can add to the overall cost and complexity when deploying a B1 solution.

Lastly, Softengine offers various deployment methodologies to support clients with unique needs and circumstances.  

As you can see its not a one size fits all answer.  There's lots of nuance to quoting professional services for a new ERP implementation.  

That being said the majority of the SAP Business One implementations we've provided to clients over the years have been in the $25k to $150k range.  And the typical deployment time frame will generally range between 3 to 6 months depending upon the scope of the engagement. 

SAP Business One Customer & Analyst Reviews:

The majority of customer reviews, on popular review sites like G2Crowd, TrustRadius and Software Advice, all give SAP Business One high praises. 

Most customers speak to the robustness of Business One functionality, especially for SMB's looking to move everything to a single application (e.g. Accounting, Inventory, Sales & Service) and give high marks related to its intuitive user interface.

SAPB1 G2 Excellent

SAPB1 G2 budget

SoftwareAdvice B1 Review

Some of the common complaints have to do with the cost of SAP Business One, citing it can be expensive for smaller SMBs, while subjective this is important to understand for companies with a shoestring budget.

SAPB1 G2 Price

SAPB1 G2 price2

Long standing industry analyst Gartner, listed SAP Business One as the #1 Frontrunner for manufacturing software. The FrontRunner report focused on Manufacturing Software designed for North American businesses around a few core areas: material requirements planning (MRP), manufacturing execution system (MES), quality management and product lifecycle management.

Gartner Front Runner

As you can see both customers and industry analyst alike have great things to say about SAP Business One.


SAP Business One Screenshots:

SAP Business One ScreenShot
SAP Business One ScreenShot2

"SAP Business One vs ..." Product Comparisons:

It's very common during a sales discussions for a potential SAP prospect to ask "what other ERP products most commonly compete with SAP Business One" and "how they compare and contrast."  

Therefore we've published several blogs for the most requested SAP Business One comparisons to date and we will be adding more in the near future.

SAP Business One vs Microsoft Dynamics GP

SAP B1 vs Dynamics Blue Image

SAP Business One vs Microsoft Dynamics NAV

SAP B1 vs Dynamics Blue Image

SAP Business One vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

SAP B1 vs Dynamics Blue Image

 SAP Business One vs Sage x3

SAP vs Sage

 SAP Business One vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

SAP B1 vs Dynamics Blue Image

SAP Business One vs NetSuite

SAP B1 vs NetSuite 


Does My Company Need SAP Business One?

The short answer: If you've outgrown your current accounting software and desire a fully integrated suite of applications spanning beyond the needs of accounting than the answer is a resounding yes.

SAP Business One will help you manage data as your business grows, helping you utilize it, make sense of it, and take action on it to drive business outcomes. 

How Can I Get Started?

SAP Business One is evaluated and licensed exclusively through authorized partners, like Softengine.  We help you understand all your options and make sure SAP Business One is right for you and your business. 

Curious is SAP B1 makes financial sense? Click the blue button to start your SAP Business One license estimate.

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