What's Stopping You From Investing in ERP?

So What's Stopping You Investing in ERP?
Whether your small or medium business’s goal is to save money, grow your organization, improve operations, make your customers happy — or all of the above — Enterprise Resource Planning software is your answer. SO, WHAT'S STOPPING YOU FROM USING ERP?


FACT: Best-in-class organizations with ERP have a 90% customer retention. The embedded CRM and Service modules contribute to the success.

ERP Costs Too Much

FACT: Hosted ERPs total cost of ownership is low enough for 75% of organizations to consider it. Check-out Softengine’s Deployment Options. Our customers report 40% to 80% savings of IT infrastructure and support annual costs.

ERP Is Too Much Effort

FACT: On a scale of 1 to 5, average impact on IT work is less than 3. Our Rapid Deployment Solutions shorten your time to greater efficiency and profitability in weeks.

ERP Is Too Complicated

FACT: 44% of organizations are willing to consider SaaS (hosted) ERP for the perceived ease of implementation. Softengine places a particular emphasis on training excellence – from eLearning, classroom and one-on-one instruction.

My Company Is Too Small

FACT: 68% of organizations with less than $50 million in annual revenue use ERP. Softengine’s customers include startups that see the value of “Running Better with SAP’s Best Business Practices”.

I Can Get By Without ERP

FACT: 60% of best-in-class organizations report improved profits as a result of ERP. Our ROI tool will show you how 1% improvements in customer retention or size of orders can significantly improve your bottom line.

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If you're still not convinced study the infographic below. It gives you a 360 degree view and should answer a majority of the questions you might have when considering an ERP solution.

Download the infographic and share it with your team.