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    Firefly Home Collection
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    Sales, Sourcing and Procurement, Supply Chain
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    Wholesale Distribution
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    Los Angeles, California, USA
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    Softengine, Inc.
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A lot of hard work and craftsmanship goes into creating stylish décor, but if sales people don’t have access to inventory, product specifications, or purchasing history, business will languish. And, when a consumer falls in love with a home furnishing that’s not available, it creates unhappy customers.

Firefly Home Collection’s outdated accounting system lacked connectivity and real-time information, which was difficult at tradeshows and other points of sale to major markets. They looked to SAP and Softengine to create a cloud-based accounting system that provided real-time mobile and desktop access to inventory and reports.

Customer Snapshot : History

Style Meets Function


Founded in 2000, Los Angeles-based Firefly Home Collection is a highly acclaimed designer and manufacturer of decorative accessories and home furnishings, including tabletop, wall decor, storage, garden, furniture, and seasonal products.

Customer Snapshot : Business Model

Infusing Home Décor With Sophisticated Design


The Firefly mission is very clear. Working with skilled artisans around the world, they are committed to infusing artistic and exotic influences into home décor. Internationally acclaimed by retailers, designers, and the media, Firefly products capture diverse transitional and contemporary elements with style and sophistication.

Customer Snapshot : Success Strategy

Wide-Ranging Influences; Even Wider Distribution


Firefly works with skilled artisans around the world to create highly distinctive and sophisticated home décor collections that are available at many of the top furniture stores, department stores, and national chains, in addition to well-known specialty, catalog, and e-commerce retailers. The company maintains distribution centers in Los Angeles and Dallas and showrooms in major markets such as Atlanta, Las Vegas, High Point, North Carolina, Hong Kong, and Xiamen, China.


The Challenge

Relying on Memory Doesn’t Always Work


Without a real-time solution in place, company representatives from sales people to the CEO had to rely on memory and manual spreadsheets when responding to customers’ inquiries about price, availability, and their past purchase information. Personnel on all levels needed access to warehouse inventory, product catalog, and sales history records on-the-fly in real-time to keep up with demand and exceed customers’ expectations. With 10 warehouses located worldwide and development schedules for all of their products to manage, a centralized, mobile, real-time system was a must for the company to continue their growth and success.


“Without a full-blown ERP system that could automate all of our inventory management functions, we had to resort to manual processes to try to keep track of our inventory and that led to widespread inefficiencies and less-than-stellar accuracy.”
- Jack Sahagian, CEO, Firefly Home Collection

Enter SAP

SAP Rises Above the Competition

Firefly diligently researched many ERP solutions, reading reviews, getting client feedback, and seeing demos of the products in action. At the end of their search, SAP Business One was the clear choice.


“One thing that really appealed to us was that SAP Business One offered most of the functionality we needed right out of the box and any customizations could be implemented quickly with a minimum of development time and much lower costs than we would have faced with other solutions.”
- Jack Sahagian, CEO, Firefly Home Collection

Enter SAP : The SAP Experience

“Softengine has been a trusted partner…They genuinely care about our business and do everything they can to help us succeed.”
- Jack Sahagian, CEO, Firefly Home Collection

Better Business

A Young Company Comes of Age


Firefly is a relatively young company that has experienced fast, global growth. When the company realized the existing systems couldn’t keep up with that growth, SAP partnered with Firefly to take their business to the next level. Now, this fledgling company is all grown up, with mobile-enabled, cloud-based systems that keep everyone on the same page, whether they’re looking at inventory management, catalogs, product specifications, or accounting data.


Better Business : Benefits

Real-Time Inventory Snapshots

On the Master Data screen, Firefly and Softengine have implemented several user-defined data fields. One field in particular stands out: “Quantity Available to Promise.” This single field is a time-based snapshot of the remaining inventory of an item, taking into account both incoming deliveries and existing order commitments for that item, giving sales people a realistic picture of an item’s availability and helping them make inventory promises they know they can keep.


“SAP Business One provides a clear picture of where every item is located throughout our entire network. We have to know what is in each showroom at all times and with SAP Business One, when a customer requests a sample of a particular item, I can go right to that item in the system and see where it is currently and then route that item to the most logistically appropriate location for that customer.”
- Jack Sahagian, CEO, Firefly

Better Business : Run Simple

Firefly Runs Live with SAP

Now, anyone who needs to can call up the details of each product, including what, where, how many, and how soon it can be shipped out. At tradeshows, Firefly can now use their live system technology to meet and create customer demand “in the moment” of opportunity.

Journey Ahead

Partners for the Long Haul


“The functionality of SAP Business One is only limited by your imagination. We’ve had the system on the job for nearly six years and it has evolved right along with our business as we’ve grown.”
- Jack Sahagian, CEO, Firefly Home Collection