SAP Business One Toolbox

SAP Business One Toolbox
Using our knowledge and experience accumulated during extensive implementations of SAP Business One, Softengine has compiled a SAP Business One Toolbox of “Plug-ins”. As a SAP Certified Developer, Softengine used the SAP Business One SDK to create custom enhancements on the SAP-provided platform.

Business Benefits

  • Lower Cost; Why pay to develop a custom function or process if it can be acquired as a standard option?
  • Feature-Rich; Each customer contributes to the functionality of the system and certain requirements that repeat themselves become part of our Enhancement Toolbox.
  • Simple to Install; The advantage of Softengine toolbox is that it requires only a simple and one-time installation for all the features.
  • Simple to Configure; Customer’s System Administrator, after initial basic training, can configure the “plug-ins” as needed.
  • Simple to Use; Once installed, the Toolbox utilizes step-by-step base and flexible process. The user can utilize the Crystal Integration “plug-in” from day 1 and could start defining more and better validations in the Validation Tool at any time after the Go-Live date.
  • Simple and Inexpensive to Maintain; The SAP Business One Toolbox is included in our Maintenance and Support Program. Continuous updates and new “plug-ins” are added to the SAP Business One Toolbox at no additional cost.

Softengine “Plug-ins”

Crystal Integration

  • Platform for building additional and more complex reports via Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Reports executable directly from SAP B1 Menu
  • Layout Templates and Batch eMailing/Faxing option for Documents

Validation Tool

  • Optimizing workflow and security by setting up better validation and warning messages
  • Company can define more validations and warning messages without development required
  • Define mandatory fields and dependencies

Point of View

  • Possibility to define an authorization rule by a single field for not visible, read-only and full access
  • Being able to rename a form description in SAP B1
  • Being able to rename a standard menu-entry in SAP B1

Report Menu Integration

Add simple query-reports to the SAP B1 main structure which allows users to report an work in line to the workflow and having access to the reports from where they are needed


Selection lists and calculations on a single field level which can be executed via a simple Tab-Over

Bonus Pack

Several optional settings and behaviors outside the SAP B1 standard:

  • Pop-Up message after Sales Order has been added to show the final SO Number
  • Separate Pick-List-Generation per Sales Order, even if more than one Sales Order are selected for release
  • Series-Numbering of the Target Document in line to the Factor Account
  • G/l Account lookup by division in an AP Service invoice

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