Best Practice Philosophy

Softengine places a particular emphasis on training excellence. Education provides our client-partners with the knowledge needed to leverage their ERP investment and take their businesses to new heights.

Our training is designed to educate our client-partners on how to use our systems to shorten their response cycles, improve cash flow, increase productivity and ultimately increase profits.

Understanding Your Business

Your dedicated implementation team begins the education process by reviewing relevant design concepts and features long before the software is implemented or before specific decisions are made. We spend a great deal of time understanding how and why you conduct business the way you do. Only after we understand one another’s methodologies do we begin to tailor our applications to best meet your present and future needs.

Our implementation team develops proofs of concept and works through a training schedule tailored to your specific needs. Not only do we offer thorough classroom training but we offer extensive onsite training and support which extends well beyond your initial go live date.

Once your system is live, your dedicated team, familiar with your environment, is there to your answer questions, continuously train your team and just be there for support.

Softengine training programs are tailored specifically to your company’s needs:

  • Your industry
  • Your specific business practices
  • Your personnel

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